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Dec 17, 2019

The last name culture is very close however we divide each other because of it. For example: Hmong Yang can't eat heart base on myth. If you unify the whole Hmong thru culture, religion and love. I think it's the first step you have to do. Then you unite everyone together there is no more last name. Because there is no...

Dec 10, 2019

When I see a pretty girl, I get nervous just as much as anyone else. I still get the butterfly, no one really believe that.  I hardly approach girls at all or anywhere, unless we have some sort of connection or eye contact.  My rule of thumb is when I approach a girl is, I assume she is taken.

Nov 27, 2019

Luas tsaaj yug tsi rug luas tsaaj, luas tsaaj taag yug le ua dlev nuam yaaj (People are busy yet you remain still, like a curious dog you are later triggered by people's stillness)

Nov 23, 2019

"I was looking for hope." He needed to understand his purpose in life. At almost rock bottom, he deviated from what he knew and found his OWN path.

Nov 13, 2019

If you never take a shoot, you will never score! It can be dangerous, it can be scary, for me? However it's a no brainer I'm gonna do it because it's something I want to conquer in life.