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Mar 31, 2020

Tou Ger's mission is to use art and ontological coaching to become a part of the cycle of inspiration; passing it on so that it can be added to by someone else's Being and forwarded until the cycle completes itself in a 360°. To share that inspiration from there once again, only now with more mass. To impact and...

Mar 23, 2020

He came to Atlanta from Norfolk-Virginia Beach, where he was a reporter/fill-in anchor. While in Virginia, Chenue was well-sourced in local and state government, breaking stories for WVEC. He also was on the front line of hurricane coverage, covered the Virginia Beach Municipal Center mass shooting on May 31, and...

Mar 17, 2020

At one point I wanted to give up film making, I came so close because my parent both said "it's time to give up this foolishness, you been playing around for to long it's time to give it up." One day I had break down my dad said "If you wanted this to do what your doing this bad, me saying this to you wouldn't effect you!"

Mar 6, 2020

“Cooking outside is a big part of being Hmong. It’s how we’ve always come together. Cooking outdoors is something we’ve done for generations. It’s part of our shared experience, and that’s why we want to offer it at Vinai.” —Chef Yia Vang

Mar 1, 2020

They are really good about teaching leadership, they instill it into you. Number, finance, management, cultivating, integrity, how to take care of your people and have a a can do attitude. It establish how to have your own vision, philosophy, pay it forward, teaching it forward and mentoring forward when you made it to...